About us

Concept Racer is a Mexico City company stablished in 2014. We started customizing motorcycles, later we saw the need for good quality protection products that looks good, something you could wear for work, to a meeting or to a restaruant. We started slowly, first we did our "King of Cool Gloves" and they were a success. We saw that our customers want good quality, classic designs and a good price, luckily we could provide the three of them.

All of our products are designed, tested and supervised by Miguel Lerdo de Tejada, he tests personally every product for about 6 months before going to production reducing the common mistakes made by big companies. Miguel is a long distance motorcycle traveller and a hardcore motorcyclist, having in between multiple other adventures crossing Europe, Africa and America on a motorcycle in solo (he knows a thing or two about motorcycle apparel).

At Concept Racer we are using the best materials available to give you a really sturdy, long lasting, stylish product that will really protect you. We believe is the only way to make a long lasting businness.

Our line of products is growing every month, giving you a vast catalogue for you to choose from.

Thank You,


Concept Racer